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Chakra Concentration - Yoga Class with Kaivalya

This yoga class with Kaivalya is presented by The class has the topic "Chakra Concentration". If you want to activate and open your...
6 hours ago
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Anatomy of an Epidemic by Bob Whitaker

Started by DoubleThinkAndSpeak. Last reply by DoubleThinkAndSpeak 11 hours ago. 2 Replies

I finally got around to reading Anatomy of an Epidemic by Bob Whitaker... it was pretty mind blowing.  Mainly the fact that all this data has been around for a very long time regarding all the negative effects of psychiatric medication  yet STILL…Continue

Taking a really big chance

Started by Regina. Last reply by Apples 21 hours ago. 13 Replies

It is commonly said..."Do what you love and the money will follow"I hope so because I am in the middle of changing jobs...or more precisely quitting a job to enter into what is my calling.  I will be taking a significant cut in pay and will actually…Continue

You don’t find grace. Grace finds you!

Started by Mr Manic Radio. Last reply by V on Monday. 6 Replies

We’ve all heard tales of transformation but it seems to me the cases that seem to stick were not sought after. What does this say of free will and determinism.Many of us here have taken action. We’ve quit. We’ve abstained. We’ve run another lap.…Continue

A.I and the coming universal income..."DEEP LEARNING" [shallow thinking...] welcome comrades!

Started by swingarm. Last reply by V on Monday. 9 Replies

It's pretty clear we are heading toward world communism. As "Artificial Intelligence"  rises and the cryptocracy goes on to own the machines I think we can all guess that a Universal income will be required and it will be just enough to survive.…Continue


Started by Mykenna Kaytlyn Laden . Last reply by Kumail Nov 14. 5 Replies

Out of curiosity I was wondering if anyone on here has been following the Q Anon breadcrumbs being left on 4chan /pol/. It truly is a rabbit hole so don't look into it unless you want to be stuck to your phone or computer for the next 24 hours…Continue

What if someone wants to sue a psychiatric hospital?

Started by DoubleThinkAndSpeak. Last reply by Apples Nov 10. 43 Replies

Mis-diagnosis? Coercing someone into taking medication? Unnecessary restraint? Isolation?With the stigma around mental illness, I am presuming you already assume I'm some crazy mental patient who doesn't have a real case. So just give me some…Continue

Hillary!!!! What have you done?

Started by swingarm Nov 7. 0 Replies

Liz Crokin Says A Hillary Clinton Sex Tape Will Finally Prove That Pizzagate Is RealI know it hard to believe that the Clintons might finally be stopped but there is hope.Liz Crokin: The Hillary Clinton Sex Tape Will Finally Prove That Pizzagate Is…Continue

Is bipolar relapse prevention possible without psychiatry?

Started by SilviaF. Last reply by Mykenna Kaytlyn Laden Nov 6. 53 Replies

Hi all,I am new and perhaps you already discussed this. My question is if relapse prevention - or even better - recovery from bipolar disorder is possible without psychiatry. Here I write some additional information to hopefully make my question…Continue

Planetary changes

Started by Kumail. Last reply by Kumail Nov 5. 5 Replies

What do you guys think of all the planetary changes that are going on right now.  Do you guys find you are facing a lot of new challenges and changes?  I definitely feel like a lot of the issues that are surfacing in the news look familiar to what…Continue


Started by Kumail Nov 2. 0 Replies

Have you guys heard of it?  What are your thoughts on it?  I think it's a pretty neat thing and am getting involved in the whole cryptocurrency scene.  I am thinking of building a cryptocurrency myself.  Maybe something related to New Light Beings. …Continue



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